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SUNDAY AFTERNOON HATS At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

Sunday Afternoon Hats, a family business, recently celebrated their 25th year of outfitting outdoor lovers across the world. At Huck, our team has been wearing and loving their products, especially their Artist Series Trucker. So, at Outdoor Retailer Winter Show, we were excited to talk to Meadow Lacy, EVP Sales, about their products and some

OR Winter 2018 – Trail-Running Favorite Things

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018 kicked off with an invigorating keynote about the future of retail and e-commerce in the outdoor industry. It showed a bright future; one that’s filled with curious minds, critical thinkers, and inspiring creators. At the Winter Market, we saw several brands that were leading that mission by creating products that

First look at the AVABAG from Ortovox at Outdoor Retailer

Ortovox, a German company, provides the world’s most sophisticated protection systems for the mountains. Their mission is to promote safety and protection; outfitting your whole system: baselayer, backpack, beacon and education. Greg Mears, Ortovox’s Inside Sales Assistant, walked us through the AVABAG, which deploys an avalanche airbag. One of the amazing features of this product

8 Tips for Driving I-70 in the Winter

If you’re heading to a Colorado ski resort via I-70 this winter, the road conditions can put a serious damper on your ski plans.   Between the winter weather, mountain roads, occasionally heavy traffic and frequent road closures, you’ve got to plan ahead. Here are our tips for tackling it safely. 1. Follow Traction Laws

XEROSHOES interview with owner Steven Sashen

Xeroshoes has taken the shoe world by storm with their wide range of minimalist shoes that help their customers Feel the World®. Our feet didn’t evolve to be crammed into tight shoes. They’re meant to move, flex and bend—and that’s how Xeroshoes were designed. At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, we had a chance to talk

Cheap Food Finds in Colorado Ski Towns

Colorado ski towns are notoriously diverse, but one thing that rings true is that they can be expensive. Whether you’re planning a visit to ski in the winter or raft in the summer, we’ve found the cheapest food options to help you stay on budget, from $1.84 for a single scoop of ice cream to

My Minimalist Journey – Vibram FiveFinger V-Trail Review

In 2009, I was introduced to the barefoot movement by a Kansas City based barefoot runner—Barefoot Ted or Barefoot Ned, I can’t remember. It was the same year that Born to Run by Christopher McDougall was published. After my first barefoot running session and feeling those sensations of grass and squishing mud—sensations that I don’t

Vivobarefoot Kids

“I love these shoes!” My four-year old daughter exclaimed as she pulled out the neon orange Vivobarefoot Primus from the shoe box. She ran them over to me to slip them on and once they were on, she refused to take them off, even for bedtime. My son, at seven, was equally excited. The Primus

BOOT BANANAS “This product is bananas”

Their design might be a little bit bananas, but their product works: getting rid of that funky stench in your rock climbing shoes. Originally from the U.K., they are making their U.S. debut later this year. Subscribe to Huck Adventures on YouTube for more great videos about the outdoor products we love. Visit and