The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Dog: The Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

Yeti, who built their company on high-end coolers, now sells a dog bed.

And not just any dog bed, but a $300 dog bed.

Yeti was kind enough to send a dog bed for us to review with our newest addition to our gear review team: Parker.

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed
Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

Now, I know what you might be asking: does my dog need a $300 dog bed? Well, if you’re experiencing sticker shock, this certainly isn’t the most expensive dog bed. Several other brands make dog beds within this price range and the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed is packed with features that are perfect for any four-legged adventurer and their human.

The first feature I want to highlight is that the dog bed separates into two pieces. This allows the bed to function as a full-size dog bed or as a travel bed. The full-size bed has rails around the perimeter that adds additional support. Parker loves hanging his head off the edge of the bed when he is down for a nap.

Parker is still too young to go camping (gotta watch out for parvo) so we haven’t had the opportunity to take the travel bed out and about, but at home we’ve tested it out. It’s really easy to remove the center mattress. It fits well within his crate and would be the perfect travel companion for tent camping or a hotel room.

Both the base and the travel bed have durable, waterproof bottoms. It’s interior is made of a high-density foam that is surrounded by a lighter weight foam that feels squishy but supportive.

The entire bed is LxWxH: 39.37 x 29.14 x 6.46 inches. Which is the perfect size for a 12 week old pup and a toddler, but I know it’ll be the perfect size when Parker grows up.

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed
Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

The other thing I love about this bed is that the Travel Bed and Base have removable covers that are machine washable.

But let’s get back to the price. The Yeti Trailhead is definitely on the high end, but it is extremely durable, and we’ve already gone through Parker’s puppy bed ($45 out the window). Parker has nipped at the Trailhead, but it doesn’t have the soft tassels his other bed had and I haven’t detected any wear and tear from those puppy teeth.

When I looked for other beds at other outdoor retailers, I couldn’t find any with a similar design. Having the waterproof bottom and removable cover is a key selling point to me, especially as I consider the type of adventures I could have with Parker.

But is it right for you? Well, that’s for you and your doggo to decide.

Vvolt Begins ebike Sales and Deliveries

Vvolt ebikes
Vvolt ebikes

Following June’s brand launch, Vvolt e-mobility has enjoyed strong pre-orders of their value-oriented line of ebikes. With the arrival of their initial production of ebikes at their Oregon warehouse, they  are now fulfilling those pre-orders and opening regular sales. Pre-order bikes are shipping now, with the brand working toward a one-week shipping time on new orders as the initial order backlog is cleared. 

“It’s amazing to deliver our initial orders after we’ve had such great feedback on our pre-production units from consumers and media, but one of my favorite parts about this is that we finally get to debut our packaging,” says  founder Kyle Ranson. “We’ve designed a fairly unique box enabling our riders to receive their bikes 97% assembled, only needing to install the front wheel and pedals before topping off the battery and enjoying their first ride.” 

All models and sizes are now in stock at Vvolt.com. Both existing and new order customers will have the option of taking free home delivery, or having unboxing handled by one of the independent bike shops in Beeline  Connect’s nationwide network for an additional charge. 

Stellar Series Offers Clean Designs with Rider-Friendly Technologies 

The Stellar Series comprises four ebike models sharing technologies designed to make the riding experience simple and rewarding. All bikes use clean-running Gates Carbon Drive belts, hydraulic disc brakes and motor systems  selected for durability. The $1399 Alpha and Alpha S models deliver motor assist via 350w rear hub drive. Premium Sirius ($2699) and Proxima ($2799) models are equipped with 250w MPF mid-drive motors, delivering 80nm  of torque through Enviolo’s unique CVT internal gearhubs. All bikes meet common Class 1 pedal-assist requirements, adding motor assistance up to 20mph. Mid-motor models can be upgraded to Class 3 with an alternate handlebar computer enabling motor assist to 28mph.

Stellar Series ebikes Are Built for Utility in the City and Beyond 

Vvolt e–mobility announces their debut product line– a series of four electric bikes offering exceptional ease of use, delivering lifetime value to riders from the moment of unboxing. The Stellar Series of ebikes all feature belt drives for  mess-free durability, hydraulic disc brakes for powerful and consistent stopping, and electric assist systems selected for durability and reliability.  

Balancing portability and power, Vvolt ebikes use mid-sized electric power systems to keep overall weight down, because lifting and carrying your ebike shouldn’t require herculean strength. Furthering practicality, all models are  designed for semi-upright riding positions that blend comfort with predictable handling on pavement, paths, gravel and trails. Frames are equipped with fittings to carry cargo, water and mount optional fenders for riding in damp  conditions.  

This versatility gives the Stellar series more ways to inject more fun into your day from 9-5 and beyond. 

Alpha / Alpha S: The Simplest Solution is Often the Best 

Vvolt’s entry-level models are the Alpha and Alpha S. With simple, one-speed gearing it’s all about the ride; amplified by the 350w hub motor and silent-running belt drive. These models feature wide 27.5×2” tires to tame any surface  and excel on dirt roads as well as around town. At $1399, Alpha models are the most affordable ebike in the US market to feature the combination of belt drive, clean-lined internal battery and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The  diamond-frame Alpha presents a traditional look, while the Alpha S offers a lower step-through frame, making it easier to hop on and off – especially when loaded with cargo.

Proxima and Sirius: Incredible Durability and Extra Power 

Proxima and Sirius models step up to a more powerful mid-drive motor from Taiwan’s MPF drive with torque and speed sensors to deliver up to 350% of rider power. Vvolt is the first brand to offer the MPF system to the US in  commuter and fitness-oriented ebikes, having made the selection due to their reputation for quiet operation and durability based on the self-lubricating, full-steel motor gearing. 

Vvolt pairs this super-resilient engine with the toughest transmission on the market: Enviolo’s CVT rear hub that runs for tens of thousands of miles without requiring service. As with Alpha models, Proxima and Sirius drivetrains are  linked by Gates Carbon Drive belts that run clean and silent without oil. 

Made for long commutes and sporty weekend riders, the Proxima runs on gravel-bike style wheels to deliver speed and versatility across multiple terrains. 

Riders who seek unpaved paths, dirt roads and singletrack will enjoy the wider 27.5×2” tires on the Sirius, which also features an air-sprung suspension fork to tackle rougher terrain.

Vvolt ebikes
Vvolt ebikes

The Bluetooth-compatible handlebar computer syncs to an upcoming mobile app for mid-drive models, with integrated speed/distance/range info and GPS navigation. Riders in hilly locales can also use the app to make their bike  more responsive for tackling steep grades while riders looking to maximize range can reduce motor sensitivity to add an extra layer of battery conservation. All Vvolt ebikes come standard with 20mph top pedal assisted speed for  compliance with Class 1 standards (the most widely-accepted ebike type across the US.) Mid-drive models may be upgraded to “Class 3” 28mph top pedal-assisted speeds with the purchase of an alternate handlebar computer. 

Vvolt is primarily selling consumer direct, so particular care has been taken to create packaging that delivers a rewarding unboxing experience for riders with any level of mechanical ability. Arriving in an oversized box, new owners can  easily slide the 97% assembled bike out of the end of the box, rather than lifting it up and out. The only parts needing installation are the front wheel and pedals, both easily attached using the included multitool. Unlike most bikes that arrive swaddled in layers of foam, cardboard and zip ties, Vvolt is able to package their bikes with minimal in-box protection due to the oversized envelope, cutting down on single-use plastics while making for a  faster and more satisfying unboxing. To further plant their flag as a customer-centered company, Vvolt is offering a three-year warranty on all new ebikes. “It’s important to us to stand behind our products, and that includes taking on  some additional responsibility when it comes to warranty,” says company founder Kyle Ranson. “We think the fact that most of our suppliers offer two-year warranties speaks to their quality, but we’re also making the additional  commitment to our customers to say ‘Hey, we’re going to be here to help you out in the future should the need arise.’”

Vvolt ebikes
Vvolt ebikes

About Vvolt e–mobility 

Vvolt is a new electric vehicle brand founded to solve the challenges of human transportation through creating innovative electric mobility products and advocating for people-safe streets. 

Based in Portland Oregon, we’re drawing on our decades of experience in consumer electronics, bicycles and fashion to make rider-friendly ebikes and vehicles, and back them up with a company that delivers the kind of service we want as riders  ourselves. 

We’re imagining a future where more people ride more often, reducing the number of cars on the street in favor of a mix of electric and human-powered mobility vehicles. This human-scale future is one where we move efficiently from door-to-door,  with less time spent in parking lots, or traffic jams. We’re here to change our streets and shared spaces from being dominated by cars to places where more riders create safety in numbers for one another. This future is for everyone, where ebikes and other EVs are easy to ride and easy to own. 

It’s our purpose to get more people out of cars and into riding e-mobility. It’s a friendlier way to travel, and with the ability to sidestep auto traffic, often the fastest way to get door-to-door. 

We’re also here to promote safer infrastructure in our cities, towns and beyond. It’s our goal to bring together our public agencies, advocates, media and other brands to make it easier for people to integrate electric mobility vehicles (bikes and beyond)  into their lives. 

Learn More at vvolt.com 

The Rock Honors Military Veterans With UA For The Heroes Collection

Under Armour For the Heroes Collection
Under Armour For the Heroes Collection

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Under Armour have collaborated on a new collection: Project Rock “For the Heroes.” This latest apparel collection was launched to support the Travis Manion Foundation.

The Travis Manion Foundation was named after 1st Lt. Travis Manion, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of his patrol in 2007. Under Armour and Project Rock are supporting the organization by providing funds from the For The Heroes collection.

Under Armour For the Heroes Collection
Under Armour For the Heroes Collection

This new collection features new pieces for men, women, and youth. They are branded to celebrate veterans and features distressed type, metallic golds and an eagle illustration.

Vet Day Hoodie and Jogger Review

Under Armour sent us their Vet Day Hoodie and their Vet Day Joggers to try out.

Under Armour Vet Day Hoodie
Under Armour Vet Day Hoodie

Over the last month, I’ve been doing a lot of my workouts in my garage. And with it getting colder, the Hoodie and Joggers are perfect companions. I am comfortable throughout my workout, including when I am just warming up and still and little bit cold. But it’s also able to withstand a solid flop-sweat.

The material isn’t clingy as the workout gets more intense. This allows me to squat deeper and lift cleaner while the fabric moves with me.

The Vet Day graphics add an additional layer and texture to the material. On the hoodie, the large circle feels rubbery to the touch, but doesn’t sit heavy.

Under Armour Vet Day Joggers
Under Armour Vet Day Joggers

The joggers have two side pockets and a snap pocket in the back.


I really appreciate what The Rock and Under Armour are doing to support this organization. You can get involved too by purchasing these products from Under Armour or visiting the website for the Travis Manion Foundation and seeing how you can get involved.

Sunglasses For Every Run

Every time I leave the house, I wear sunglasses.

It’s better than the alternative: squinting and stressing out my eyeballs.

But I am picky about what I wear, especially when I run. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that after an hour or two, my head expands and sunglasses can start feeling tight and uncomfortable.

My perfect sunglasses can’t be rigid and hard. They have to be flexible; bending and flexing to accommodate for the blood pumping into my noggin.

I was excited to hear that Nathan was launching sunglasses. They already make great packs and apparel for running, so why not sunglasses?

They have several variations of running sunglasses, but with winter coming, they sent me a pair of their Summit Polarized Sunglasses with the blue mirror lens to try out.


The choice of lens was intentional. I have plenty of sunglasses for bright, sunny days. But what about those fall / winter days when it is overcast and windy or when I am running on trails with a lot of tree coverage? I want eye protection on those days too and darker lenses are too much.

The frames themselves are really comfortable. They are made from a lightweight thermoplastic material that is durable and flexible. The flexibility allows the frames to bend and contour to your face, but they are also resilient to damage. I did a few drop tests and the glasses came away still looking brand new.


There are also rubber grips that sit flush on the frame around the nose and ears to help minimize bounce and keep the glasses securely on your face. Bouncing down trails didn’t dislodge them. Even a slip and fall on my head didn’t askew them.

As for the lens: they are great. Before when I’d run on cloudy days or in dense forests, I’d always oscillate between having my glasses on for a period, then off. On and then off. Over and over again. But with their blue mirror lens, I kept them on the entire time. And I felt that I had less eye fatigue because of that.

While I have plenty of other sunglasses for bright, sunny days, I’ll definitely be picking up another pair from Nathan. These glasses are the most comfortable out of my collection and will be a great companion for when I start ultra training this spring.

You can find these sunglasses at Nathan’s website for $50 a pair.

My new favorite hoodie: the Hydro Grid Fleece

It’s that time of year again in Colorado: the leaves have fallen, the days are shorter, and the temperature is dropping. Bundling up is key for outdoor activities. And there is nothing I like to wear more than a good hoodie.

Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece
Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece

Jack Wolfskin sent me their newest hooded sports jacket, the Hydro Grid Fleece, to try out and it quickly became my favorite hoodie.

It’s light, but warm due to the polyester material. The outer is smooth with a DWR finish to repel water. It has a soft interior for next-to-skin comfort.

The Hydro Grid Fleece is stretchy too. When I’ve taken it out on the trail for hikes and runs, I found that it moved easily with me. It wasn’t clingy and it also didn’t chafe.

While this hoodie performs great for outdoor activities, it has also become my go-to hoodie.

Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece
Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece

Just this morning, when it was 27ºF, I threw it on to walk the dog. Actually, I threw it on last night to walk the dog as well, and in the afternoon, and wore it for a handful of work Zoom calls.

It’s a really great jacket. No joke.

Product highlights:

  • It has a scuba-shaped hood, fitting comfortably over my head. It isn’t lose, which makes it a great hood for running. It doesn’t blow off and I can easily pull it over my head and ears without disrupting sunglasses or headphones. Or mess up my hair.
  • On the sides it has two deep, zippered pockets. When I am wearing the jacket to run errands, these pockets are great to hold a mask, keys, and wallet. For outdoor activities, because how deep the pockets are, I won’t put things that bounce. For running, I’ll leave them empty, but use them to stash a beanie or gloves for when I warm up.
  • On the left breast, it has another zippered pocket. This is wear I stash my iPhone. It’s large enough for an iPhone 12 Pro and while it does bounce, it isn’t bothersome.
Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece
Jack Wolfskin Hydro Grid Fleece


Yes, I love the Hydro Grid Fleece. It’s a great hoodie and a great jacket overall. For the holidays, this is at the top of my recommended gift giving list!

I am 5’11” and just north of 190 lbs. I wear a large and it fits perfectly.

You can find the Hydro Grid Fleece at Jack Wolfskin’s website for $149.95.

Nathan TrailMix 7L – Men’s Review

Nathan sent us the TrailMix 7L, a trail-running pack, to test. Over the last month, we’ve taken around the local trails, up and down several mountains, and have put on around 75 miles with the pack.

Nathan TrailMix 7L
Nathan TrailMix 7L

As the name suggest, it has a total capacity of 7 liters, including 2 liters of water storage with an included HydraPak reservoir.

The Fit

The TrailMix 7L wears like a small backpack. It’s fit is snug, yet comfortable, with contoured shoulders and multiple cinch straps to ensure a proper fit. The build is light and flexible, letting it move with you as you tear down the trail.

It features a compression system that keeps your load tight against your back for stability. With the water reservoir, I always flip it upside down and suck out any extra air prior to running with it. This helps reduce any natural bounce that may occur with the pack, but I honestly didn’t feel any excessive bounce.

One of the key features I always look for in a running pack is comfortability on long runs. During ultra season a few years ago, my go-to pack at the time always left chafe marks on my shoulders. The TrailMix 7L has a soft perimeter and I didn’t experience any chafing on my arms or shoulders.


Nathan TrailMix 7L
Nathan TrailMix 7L

The TrailMix 7L might seem light on storage, but I found it adequate for runs up to 20 miles in the changing temperature of Fall. Starting out in the morning, I had gloves, beanie, and a jacket. Once it warmed up, they easily stashed in the pack. I also always run with a small first aid kit that fits snuggly in the bottom of the pack.

On the front of the vest there are two front pockets. They are large enough for my 20 ounce soft flasks, but for the runs I did with the pack, I used them more for my iPhone 12 Pro and snacks.

Nathan TrailMix 7L
Nathan TrailMix 7L

The back of the pack also has daisy chains for attaching lighting (great for night runs) and trekking pole attachments.

When I took my poles out, I found that the attachments kept them stored adequately. I didn’t have any issues with my poles falling out. When I did pull the poles out or stashed them, I had to stop and remove the pack. Not ideal for races, but good enough for training.

Hydration Sytem

It’s worth taking a few sentences to talk about the hydration system.

As mentioned previously, the TrailMix 7L comes with a HydraPak 2L bladder.

The bladder hose snakes out of the top of the pack and down the right breast where it hooks securely. The hose is long, so when it’s hooked, I don’t have to unhook to drink. However, on longer runs, I did find the bounce of the hose slightly annoying, so I ended up tucking it into the bottom belt of the pack.

HydraPak is one of the best manufacturers of hydration systems, so it was awesome seeing that it was included.

Quick pro tip: when washing, HydraPak’s can be reversed. Just reach inside and pull out to reverse. It makes cleaning a heckuvalot easier. Plus, drying is a lot faster.


I’m excited to continue trail-running this winter with the Nathan TrailMix 7L. It offers ample water storage and the remaining space is large enough to pack in or out with my running necessities.

The TrailMix 7L is also the most affordable pack we’ve tested. At $100, it is $30-$100 less than it’s competitors.

If you’re looking for a new trail-running companion, look no further than the Nathan TrailMix 7L.

Your Head Needs This Hat

Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat
Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat

The Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat is my new favorite outdoor adventure hat. It offers a style that helps me embrace my inner Indiana Jones, but also protection from the sun on long days on the trail.

I really like Tilley’s hats in general. They are durable and long-lasting. There are other hats that are more breathable or offer more sun protection, but Tilley’s hats are meant to last a lifetime, not just a season.


The T3 Cotton Duck Hat provides a brim that is between 2 3/4″ in the front and 2 3/8″ on the sides. It has a UPF rating of 50+, so you don’t have to worry about sun coming through the fabric. The sides also have snap buttons that allow you snap the sides up.

The brim isn’t as large as I’d like for long days in direct sun, but it is great for hikes around Boulder when I am in tree coverage for most of the hike.

Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat
Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat


The hat is made from 100% cotton duck. When it arrived, it was a bit stiff. But after working it with my hands a bit, I could tell that it started loosening up.

True to their brand, this hat doesn’t sit low, but “floats” on top of my head. It also has wind cords for windier days.

I didn’t find the fabric very breathable. During a long hike, after working up a decent sweat, I found my head hotter than normal, but that wasn’t a bad thing. I wouldn’t wear it during the heat of Summer, but it is a great companion during the Fall or Spring seasons when it’s a bit cooler.


I loved this hat. Really appreciative that Tilley sent this to me to test.

It’s been a companion on hikes, but also randomly at home. The other day it was raining and I was going in and out of the house to check on some meat that was on my smoker. It was an easy hat to grab and put on to avoid getting my hair wet.

The T3 Cotton Duck Hat comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is available for $80 USD.

Tilley Bucket Hat Review

Tilley T1 Bucket Hat
Tilley T1 Bucket Hat

Tilley sent us their O.G. T1 Bucket Hat to review.

Tilley’s mission is creating “authentic products with enduring purpose for life out of doors.” For years, they have been known for their quality. Each hat passes through 23 pairs of hands in a 41 step process as it’s constructed from raw material to it’s finished product.

One of the larger reasons why I like Tilley’s hat is because they don’t sit tightly on my head, unlike some other bucket style hat brands. It “floats” on top of my head. But it also floats on water too due to a foam insert in the lining of the crown.

This hat also includes a hidden security pocket that is big enough to hold credit cards or cash.

The T1 Bucket Hat is perfect for all environments. I’ve worn it on hikes, but also thrown it on to walk the dog. It’s light and comfortable.

I also love the brim of the hat. On the website, their images show the brim turned down, but it is very flexible. You can have it turned down, turned up, or curve it so it’s partially up or down.

This hat also includes wind cords that you can loop around your neck on windy days to keep your hat from blowing off. But they are also easily and comfortably stashed inside the hat.

The T1 Bucket Hat is available in a variety of colors and sizes for $80 USD.

These socks helped me PR a marathon

When I first started running, I used what I had for equipment: old, tattered Reebox and cheap cotton socks.

As my mileage increased and I set my sights on my first marathon, I bought a pair of running shoes and running socks from Swiftwick.

Swiftwick were my first official pair of socks for running, so I was excited when they sent me a couple of their new styles to try.

Swiftwick socks across all their various styles, have several key features.

They include a lightweight upper to increase breathability and to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Their toe box and arch support is built so that the sock doesn’t move on you.

Swiftwick Trail-Running Socks
Swiftwick Trail-Running Socks

Swiftwick VIBE™

The Swiftwick VIBE™ is a medium cushion, compression sock built for trail running.

The compression feature supports the muscles in your foot, which is perfect for the trail. As you’re running on uneven terrain, you need something that will support you every step of the way.

I test a “no show” size and the height fit comfortably on my foot. I didn’t experience any rubbing between the sock or my shoe on my ankle bone.

The Swiftwick VIB Zero is perfect for runs is warmer temperatures.

It should also be noted that the Swiftwick VIBE comes in a two heights, including the Zero (no show) and One (ankle length)

Swiftwick PURSUIT™

Now that it’s getting colder, the PURSUIT™ has become my new favorite trail running sock.

Similar to the VIBE, the PURSUIT comes in several sizes, ranging from no show to calf-length. The ones I tried were the PURSUIT Four, which came up to the middle of my calves.

The PURSUIT is constructed with Merino wool and has a reinforced heel and toe for maximum durability. Merino is nature’s technical fiber. It absorbs moisture without feeling soggy and regulates temperature.

“Oh, but wool,” you think. “Isn’t it itchy?”

Not with Swiftwick. It was made with a Merino wool that produces a soft, no-itch feel throughout.

PR’ing my Trail Marathon Time

With gear reviews, we like to put in the miles.

With Swiftwick, I wanted to see if I could beat my trail marathon time.

During my last ultra, one of the challenges I had was blisters on the bottom of my foot from my socks moving that slowed me down on the final 10 miles. I had to stop, pop, drain, and apply bandaids.

But with Swiftwick, on some fairly technical terrain, I didn’t have the same problem.

These socks rock!

Sport Nutrition Can Be Gnarly

Gnarly is a funny word.

It can mean something good or bad, but also used to describe something challenging.

Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate and BCAAs
Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate and BCAAs

When Gnarly Nutrition sent me samples of their product to try, it landed on my doorstep at a challenging time. I just gotten back from my first physical in many years and learned that I had topped the scales at an all-time high. Based on the BMI chart, I was now “overweight.”

Fitness has always been a priority for me, but as life changed, so has my fitness priorities. The COVID-19 presented challenges around my fitness and I fell out of my normal routines, including running (something I have been devoutly fanatical about for 13 years).

The balance between home learning, work, and making time for my wife to have to herself put a lot of my fitness to the side.

And now I showed the evidence of that. Since my first child was born 10 years ago, I had put on 47 pounds. Since COVID, I had put on 20 pounds.

It was a lot and I knew I had to do something different. Something challenging. Something… gnarly.

When these samples arrived, I decided that it was time to kick my own ass.

I started a high-intensity-impact-training program, increased my frequency and mileage running, and started flipping a tractor tire in my garage. Along with that, I started intermittent fasting for 16-18 hours a day and cold showers in the morning to activate my brown fat cells.

These supplements from Gnarly Nutrition have been a welcome addition.

Gnarly Hydrate

Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate
Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate

Thirty-minutes prior to a workout, I’ll down a serving of Gnarly Hydrate.

Typically, I’m working out in the late afternoon and the B-Vitamins are a nice energizing pick-me-up to motivate me out of my office and into my workout space.

Each serving is super-packed with electrolytes to help aid performance and stave off muscle cramps and burnout. 250 mg of sodium, 100 mg of potassium, 90 mg of magnesium, 125 mg of calcium, and 135 mg of chloride.

What I appreciate about this product is that it doesn’t have caffeine. Since I’m working out in the afternoon, I don’t need extra caffeine in my system.

Additionally, this product mixes really well. There’s another brand (that shan’t be named) that I’ve used that is always clumpy and feels heavy in the gut. Gnarly Hydrate mixes well enough that I’ve replaced the Nuun tablets in my Hydropak.

Gnarly BCAAs

Gnarly Nutrition BCAAs
Gnarly Nutrition BCAAs

I’ve never used BCAAs as part of my recovery. If you don’t know, BCAAs stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids.

You have 20 different amino acids in your body and three of those (leucine, isoleucine and valine) are branched chain amino acids.

By supplementing BCAAs, you’re helping your body build back better (sorry, Biden). BCAAs can help with muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, reduce fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting.

When I’ve gotten on these ass-kicking routines, my ass has gotten kicked and I have fallen off the wagon quickly.

But since supplementing Gnarly BCAAs I’ve found significant improvement in my recovery time.

I’ve been able to hit the same level of intensity the next day after an intense workout.

I’m a week into my journey and I’ve already dropped a couple pounds, which I’ll take as a victory.

Gnarly BCAAs has several flavors to choose from including caffeinated and decaf options. I’m using the caffeinated version, but with only 35 mg of caffeine per serving, it hasn’t negatively impacted my sleep routine.

Gnarly Vegan Protein

Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Protein
Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Protein

Finding the right vegan protein has been hit or miss. Especially when it comes to how well it mixes. There are many out there that are grainy and clumpy.

Thankfully, Gnarly Vegan Protein is one of the best I’ve had. Their protein is a blend of pea protein isolate, cranberry seed protein and chia seed protein.

Since using it, I also haven’t had the gut issues I’ve had before with other proteins. I think it’s in part due to their forms of protein, but the fiber content (7 grams per serving), and the pre and probiotics to support digestion and gut health.

Gnarly Vegan Protein is intended to also be a meal replacement.

When I’ve been breaking my fast, I’ve turned to their vegan protein versus running to the local sandwich or fast food shop. Each serving, when combined with water, is only 200 calories.

Out of the two flavors I samples (vanilla and chocolate), chocolate was my favorite.

Bottom Line

As I’ve gone on this journey of better health and fitness, I couldn’t be more happy to have Gnarly Nutrition in my corner. It’s definitely been a bit gnarly. But gnarly is a good way.

My hope is that I’ll be able to get to a point where I’m able to do ultras again and have Gnarly on all my training runs.

It’s worth noting that Gnarly Nutrition products are NSF certified and the three products above are all soy free, gluten free, and vegan.